Better Manage Fuel Supply Contracts & Allocations

The availability of fuel and meeting your contractual obligations are critical to effective fuel supply management. Your fuel suppliers expect your volume to be predictable and ratable. Sending drivers to pull fuel where no allocation is available can cost your company time and money. Under pulling or over pulling your contracted volumes can trigger penalties and damage your supply relationships.

The ContractRite, Contract Manager and Allocations Management modules provide you with key information about your supply commitments before making purchase decisions. The Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics module combines the contract, allocation and fuel price information into a dashboard that helps you visualize the market so you can make the most strategic fuel purchasing decisions.

Contracts & allocations solutions include:

ContractRite – for automatic calculation of any contract or derived price for sourcing and customer pricing

Allocations Management  – automates the capture, normalization and translation of allocations from supplier websites

Contract Manager – provides critical information to ensure you are complying with your fuel contracts

Axxis Anywhere BI Analytics – an integrated cloud-based business intelligence tool that helps you quickly analyze all of your fuel data