Automatically Capture & Collect Fuel Prices

CaptureRite is the front-end component of the Fuel Supply Chain Management software product suite that eliminates the time spent each day manually collecting and entering prices and transactions. The fully configurable scheduling facility allows instant downloads of time-sensitive data by capturing prices and other electronic transactional data directly from 3rd party data providers, supplier FTPs and websites.

The CaptureRite Email add-on module allows automated capture and collection of embedded text emails, emails with text and CSV attachments and other email formats. Supplier price emails are directed to a centralized mailbox and captured based on a user-defined schedule.


  • Automatic capture of prices, EFTs, credit card transactions, invoices, eBOLs, allocations and other electronic transactions to eliminate manual entry errors and improve automation
  • Complete audit trail provides a detailed account of all price and data capture activities for historical referencing
  • Automatic routing to Price Management and TransactionRite for normalization and translation reduces overhead costs by streamlining the process
  • Capture scripts are continuously monitored and automatically updated to accommodate changes in layout, format and location by suppliers and data providers
  • One-time license, independent of data volume and without separate transactions fees