MobileRite Fuel Dispatch Communication Tool

The MobileRite dispatch tool provides gas and diesel marketers with a fuel transportation fleet an automation tool that allows them to communicate vital information to and from drivers on-the-go. This next generation application, available on iOS and Android, gives drivers real-time visibility to orders, sourcing and delivery information, along with an intuitive and easy-to-use facility to enter pick-up and drop-off instructions.

MobileRite provides the central interactive dashboard for the home office to seamlessly manage drivers, trucks and sites. Working in conjunction with Fuel Order Management & Dispatch (FOMD), MobileRite leverages mapping and routing features to streamline the entire fuel order, inventory forecasting/management, real-time sourcing and driver management and fuel dispatch process. Drivers can see their assigned loads, enter the details for each fuel product loaded and dropped off and then publish the complete delivery information to the home office when finished.

Download the MobileRite Fact Sheet

To reduce the amount of manual entry required, the load and delivery entry tables are prepopulated with the order and sourcing data. Fuel movement data (loads and orders) are then transmitted back to your main office and can be automatically matched up for real-time billing and/or reconciliation with supplier BOLs.

Watch the Video to learn how MobileRite helps drivers and dispatchers communicate and execute orders seamlessly


  • The app continues working off-line when cellular coverage is lost and syncs when connectivity is restored
  • Summary view of loads allow drivers to access an electronic list of where to go and what to do
  • Fuel inventory integration allows both dispatchers and drivers to see the latest fuel inventory levels with ATG readings
  • Driving directions help you find hard-to-reach locations and provide site-specific instructions without calling for directions
  • Populated order and sourcing information minimizes the need for entering pick-up or delivery data
  • Real-time billing and/or reconciliation with supplier BOLs, which eliminate the chance for lost paperwork
  • Capture customer signatures, provide proof of delivery, and track driver hours electronically