Company History

Our Mission Statement

“To provide our customers with integrated software, market data and service solutions for every step of the fuel management supply chain to help them save time, money and make better decisions.”

Axxis was founded in 1991, in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a simple goal — to help companies in the downstream petroleum and bio-energy industries get fuel prices automatically into their accounting systems. Since then we’ve helped thousands of companies streamline their operations and grow their business more cost effectively using our software, market data and service solutions. During that time we’ve expanded our software application and technology offerings and increased our daily and historical market data services.

Axxis Software applications provide up-to-the-minute information and software tools that allow our customers to make the most informed buying and selling decisions to maximize their revenues and fuel margins.

In the summer of 2005, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) acquired Axxis. Together, we have expanded our technology offerings, while maintaining the legacy Axxis brand, and have helped customers across the supply chain boost margins, reduce mistakes and lower costs.

Today, Axxis is one of the most respected providers of comprehensive market data, software and integration solutions for the downstream petroleum and bio-energy industries. Axxis offers a full line of Energy Supply Chain Management Software that enables our customers to successfully buy, sell, market, dispatch and manage transactions for refined petroleum products, renewable fuels and other related commodities. As the industry’s leading data aggregator, Axxis can capture, translate, present and publish SCM documents up to the client’s Web Portal, mobile device, back-office system or to other third-party solutions. Axxis offers a combination of cloud-based and client/server on premise software to meet your needs. Axxis maintains and supports both “shrink wrapped” and tailored software solutions to ensure that each of our customers has a solution that fits their needs.

With over 25 years of experience fueled by our domain knowledge and downstream intellectual property, Axxis has a diverse set of customers representing thousands of users including: jobbers, government agencies, suppliers, wholesalers, marketers, brokers and retailers throughout North America. Today almost 10,000 customers across the supply chain utilize OPIS and Axxis products.

About Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides real-time and historical spot, wholesale/rack and retail fuel prices for the refined products, renewable fuels, and natural gas and gas liquids (LPG) industries. In addition, OPIS delivers exclusive news and insightful analysis on the upstream, midstream and downstream oil markets. Learn more at